Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"No Bones About It" #6 in Children's Books on

A short post today---just an announcement, really.  My children's picture book titled "No Bones About It" is sitting in the #6 rank in Children's books as of 6:42 p.m. Pacific Time.  Yes.  That's the cover to your immediate right. 

Of course, the ranking will most certainly change and the change could come soon---say in about 18 minutes, when the hourly correction occurs.  In the meantime, I'll simply report the late breaking news and live in the moment. 

As for the other books in THE SUM OF OUR PARTS series, let's just say they are in the early stages---some might say "pre-early"---in what must be a long steep climb to reach their Brother Bones near the top.  I like to think in terms of inevitability.  Seems more uplifting than a roll of the dice.

I can't quite say why Bones is getting all the attention, mind you.  Sure, it was the first book published in the series.  So, it has had a longer life span than the other books in the series.  And I suppose the very positive reviews it has received by Amazon readers, the recent KART middle grade book award and the many "clicks" on the various Amazon "like" buttons, all add up.  But still, one has to wonder what is making the ranking chart for this book look like the trajectory of a bouncing rubber ball. 

OK.  Enough wondering.  Time to get this post posted before the ranking changes again.  If it goes up---hey, it could happen---I may be back here tomorrow trying to explain what is happening.  Then, again, consider the odds....  Yet hope springs eternal.  

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